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Everyone has caught the “Internet Fever”, where people start using the technology of computers to communicate with others, searching for news from around the world, and even shopping without leaving their house. Many traditional companies have started to find better ways to replace telephone calls and paper-based procedures for product design, marketing, ordering, payment and customer services. All of these can be done by the power of Internet. Companies now use the Electronic Business (e-business) also known as Electronic Commerce (e-commerce), so people are now able to search the Net and purchase any kind of product ranging from books, toys, and food without ever leaving the house. Another transaction that can be done through the Net is banking online. Customers can check their balances and pay their bills 24 hours a day without driving to the nearest bank.

With all of these capabilities offered by the Internet, e-commerce companies have tried to convince all of its prospective customers that their website is the most secured. However, many known sites have been hijacked by irresponsible people, also known as “Hackers”. The first big event was the case of CD Universe, where an unauthorized person had accessed its database containing customers’ credit card numbers. Other well-known sites such as,,, and even online broker E* have faced the same problem where unauthorized people have accessed their system illegally.

So is it safe then to trust the website with our personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and many others? Despite the low prices that those online companies have over the actual retailers, and despite the convenience and comfort of doing this transaction from home, there are many people who want to know just how safe we are when sharing important information about ourselves.



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